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The International Spatial Technology and Research (iSTAR) Lab is the result of a joint effort between the GITS Unit (IGG – UNAM) and CGST (CSUN) to develop advanced spatial analysis capabilities in order to provide data and services to the wide range of government users, the public and private firms that require spatial solutions to border region questions and challenges. Additionally, the Lab will provide opportunities and resources for researchers, faculty and students from various disciplines, offer a vehicle for student and faculty international exchange and advance GIS/Remote Sensing research and education in general.

The capacity of the Lab is based on two main pillars: the team of multidisciplinary experts at both Universities and experience in GIS development and customization utilizing free and open-source software (FOSS). This foundation is strengthened by the innovation, efficiency and quality of the binational team.

In addition to instilling confidence in the users of our services, the binational expertise will be shared with students and young GIS professionals working on real-world projects. This will allow them the opportunity to collaborate with agencies, organizations and companies that require experts. Additionally, lab locations in both the Cities of Los Angeles and Mexico will allow for the exchange of researchers in order to share knowledge and solutions.

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